What Ignatius Left Behind

Ron Hansen on Ignatius’s accomplishments:

We are apt to look at Ignatius’s life as one of harsh discipline and privation, and find only loss in his giving up of family, inheritance, financial security, prestige, luxury, sexual pleasure. But he looked at his life as an offering to the God he called liberalidad, freedom, and God blessed that gift a hundredfold in the Society of Jesus. The house of Loyola ended when Doña Magdalena de Loyola y Borgia died childless in 1626, but in that same year there were 15,535 Jesuits in 36 provinces, with 56 seminaries, 44 novitiates, 254 houses, and 443 colleges in Europe and the Baltic States, Japan, India, Macao, the Philippines, and the Americas.

From A Stay Against Confusion: Essays on Faith and Fiction

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