“His Divine Majesty Is Truly In All Things”

St. Ignatius Loyola sitting at his desk

St. Ignatius, writing about the formation of young Jesuits:

They should practice the seeking of God’s presence in all things, in their conversations, their walks, in all that they see, taste, hear, understand, in all their actions, since His Divine Majesty is truly in all things by His presence, power, and essence. This kind of meditation which finds God our Lord in all things is easier than raising oneself to the consideration of divine truths which are more abstract and which demand something of an effort if we are to keep our attention on them. But this method is an excellent exercise to prepare us for great visitations of our Lord, in prayers that are rather short.

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  1. I’ve gone on at least ten Spiritual Exercises, and I’m doing the Ignatian Adventure now, but I hadn’t considered the difference between contemplating God in our daily life instead of in the divine truths. I have obviously done both, but I appreciated reading the distinction you made here. Thank you, God for resources like this website!

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