Paintings by James Hasse, SJ

An exhibition of paintings by James Hasse, SJ opened last weekend at the St. Louis University Museum of Art. Fr. Hasse’s work reflects biblical themes and the African-American experience. Some of his work can be viewed in a slideshow from the exhibition and also online here at the University of Dayton.

Fr. Hasse says, “I believe that we are all God’s Work of Art, the Body of Christ, living Gospel, walking, singing, dancing Sacraments. My paintings are an attempt to give visual expression to these realities. Scripture furnishes my subject matter; the people furnish the soul and beauty, I furnish the craftsmanship.”

The exhibition will also feature paintings by Judge Nathan B. Young, the first African-American municipal judge in St. Louis.  It runs through March 4.

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  1. Fr. Hasse was a gift from God. His gift of painting provided a unique spiritual experience to the viewer. His paintings could be simple, complex, controversial, and always a reflection of our humanity intertwined with our loving relationship with God. I have 4 of his paintings and each provides me with a unique and wonderful spiritual Black experience of God’s grace. May Fr. Hasse RIP and his paintings keep us spiritually motivated and praying.

  2. Fr. Hasse’s paintings touched my soul. To put it in the artist’s own words:

    “To be touched by another person

    Is an annunciation

    Is a greeting of grace

    Is an incarnate touch by God.”

    Reflecting on Becky Eldridge’s post “Thin Places”, I would say that this was a thin place for me this morning. Thank you very much.

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