A Dazzling Art Gallery

America magazine has published a wonderful slideshow of contemporary Catholic art by women in its online edition. It features 21 works–paintings, icons, drawings, sculpture–in different styles. It was curated by assistant editor Ashley McKinless.

The art show supports the current issue of the magazine on “Women in the Life of the Church.” The editors point to something Pope Francis said in his famous interview:

Pope Francis expressed his conviction that it is “necessary to broaden the opportunities” for women in the church, and to “think about the specific place of women also in those places where the authority of the church is exercised.”

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  1. I love this pope. He has realised that there are issues that the Vatican has to address in order to fit into the modern world, perhaps primarily the English speaking world where Catholic values are less taken for granted than in, let’s say, Italy or South America.
    I have volunteered for a Catholic organisation for many years, often working with nuns of all sorts, and most of them are just great and we’ve had so much fun. Now I’m living in the UK and most people here think nuns are more oppressed than women in Taliban Afghanistan, or simply nuts.

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