The Art of James Hasse, SJ

James Hasse, SJ, is an artist who has ministered in African-American parishes for more than 40 years. He says, “When I do my art I am surrounded by beautiful faces and souls. Friends, neighbors, and parishioners are both my inspiration and models. I believe that we are all God’s Work of Art, the Body of Christ, living Gospel, walking, singing, dancing Sacraments. My paintings are an attempt to give visual expression to these realities. Scripture furnishes my subject matter; the people furnish the soul and beauty, I furnish the craftsmanship.”

The painting here is called “Doxology.” It is part of an exhibition of Fr. Hasse’s paintings at the University of Dayton several years ago. It can be viewed online here.  Also visit his Prayer Gallery, which  has many of his paintings and reflections.

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  1. have you ever done watercolar landscapes ? The painting of the woman looking to the sky on this page is beautiful.

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