Ignatian Decision Making

Whats-Your-Decision-book-coverI’m proud to announce the publication of What’s Your Decision? How to Make Choices with Confidence and Clarity.  This is a book about using Ignatian principles to make decisions.  I co-wrote it with two Jesuits,  Michael Sparough from Chicago and Tim Hipskind from Cincinnati.

The basis of the book is a workshop on decision making that Michael and Tim developed for young adults.  The book pays a lot of attention to marriage, career, schooling and other big decisions, but it really encompasses significant decisions of all kinds, including decisions facing older people.  We show how the rules for discernment of spirits apply, and how Ignatius’s three modes of making decisions are among the most useful tools ever invented.

My friends ask me who the book is for, and I say, “just about everyone.”  It seems that all my friends, my colleagues, my children, and and my children’s friends are facing at least one significant decision.  Maybe that’s true for you or someone you know.  If so, take a look at a sample chapter and buy a copy if you like what you see.

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Jim Manney is the author of highly praised popular books on Ignatian spirituality, including A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer (about the Daily Examen) and God Finds Us (about the Spiritual Exercises). He is the compiler/editor of An Ignatian Book of Days. His latest book is Ignatian Spirituality A to Z. He and his wife live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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  1. I would like to find it in a bookstore in Australia. As I will be traveling to Australia ..I will search for this book there.
    Can I have the address of the Jesuit bookstore in Australia.
    Thank you.

    Thank you

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