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    young woman with umbrella - photo by Bicanski on Pixnio

    Giving Myself Permission to Make Adjustments in Ignatian Contemplation

    I have always considered myself terrible at Ignatian contemplation. That’s a form of prayer that invites one to place oneself in a scene from...
    space scene - photo by NASA on Unsplash

    The Contemplation on the Incarnation and Advent

    The Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises begins with a Contemplation on the Incarnation (SE 101–109). The graces we pray for with this meditation...
    magi at the manger

    The Magi and Contemplation

    When the magi see the star and come to visit the Christ Child, they see the baby and fall down and worship God’s presence...
    Contemplation to Attain the Love of God

    Contemplation to Attain the Love of God

    The Contemplation to Attain the Love of God is a kind of capstone of Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises. Sometimes it is phrased as “The Contemplation...
    sunny field

    Light and Contemplation

    You might spend time outside on a sunny day, seeing the sunlight illuminating everything, feeling its warmth on your body, and imagining how God...
    James Martin, SJ

    Fr. James Martin on Ignatian Contemplation

    Fr. James Martin, SJ, author of books including My Life with the Saints (10th anniversary edition) and Jesus: A Pilgrimage, recently shared with Sean...

    Sight Is the Seed of Contemplation

    The Examen begins with an awareness of God’s presence, imagining God gazing upon us with love. It’s this gaze that taps us into the...
    white rabbit - photo by Marko Milivojevic on Pixnio

    Contemplation in Action

    Contemplation in action is about learning how to be, learning how to see, and learning how to love. Learning How to Be Contemplation is first about...
    Contemplation to Attain the Love of God

    John 15 and the Contemplation to Attain Divine Love

    Michael Sparough, SJ, offers a homily on the Contemplation to Attain Divine Love in response to John 15:9–17, which includes Jesus’ command to his...
    dancing - illustration

    Contemplation on the Dance Floor

    This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. In the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius invites us to imagine...