Eating with St. Ignatius

At this time of year, many of us are attending holiday parties or enjoying special Christmas treats at home. Take a break and consider what St. Ignatius would have eaten at different phases of his life with the Loyola Press infographic, “Eating with St. Ignatius.” And while slowing down to ponder food, savor these other taste-themed posts at dotMagis: Eating as Prayer Taste and See: Experiencing God with Our Sense of Taste Imaginative Prayer: Lunch […]

Experiencing God with Our Senses Online Retreat

“God speaks to us through what we see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. We know this intuitively, but to think about it consciously is a powerful form of prayer.” —Ginny Kubitz Moyer Take some time this October to think about how we encounter God through our senses and join Ginny Kubitz Moyer and your fellow readers for an online retreat here at dotMagis. Each weekly segment of Taste and See: Experiencing God with Our Senses […]

Gazing at Those Pictures

Ginny Kubitz Moyer, author of Taste and See: Experiencing the Goodness of God with Our Five Senses, remembers the Stations of the Cross at her childhood church. I spent a lot of time gazing at those pictures. I gazed at them during Mass with my family on the weekends and studied them at Mass with my classmates on First Fridays. Now, more than thirty years later, they are stored in my memory like old slides […]

Musing about Thin Places

Ginny Kubitz Moyer muses about thin places at her blog, Random Acts of Momness: Perhaps thin places are places where we don’t need to work quite as hard to see the divine. They’re the places where there are fewer barriers to our ability to recognize God, whatever those barriers may be. Ginny lists some thin places for her. Becky Eldredge has written here on dotMagis about the idea of thin places and shares some of […]

God in Math Worksheets

Ginny Kubitz Moyer learned a lesson in finding God when she helped her son with his math homework. She concludes: But St. Ignatius believed you can find God in all things, and ultimately I believe it, too. Some things and situations are easier than others, but maybe that’s why we need other people; they find the connections we miss, just like my son did when his math homework became an occasion to think of the […]

Grateful for the Annoyances

Years ago, I came across a greeting card with a quotation attributed to Anton Chekhov: “Any idiot can face a crisis; it’s this day-to-day living that wears you out.” At the risk of sounding like a pessimist, this quotation resonates with me. Sometimes, life seems like one big series of trivial annoyances. I drop my empty coffee mug into the wet gutter as I get out of the car. My son leaves his lunchbox at […]