About Greg Herrle
Greg Herrle is a healthcare actuary. He is a graduate of Marquette University High School and Boston College. He and his wife Ruth currently live in the Milwaukee area. In 2012, they followed the route of St. Ignatius from Loyola to Manresa in Spain. You can read about their adventure at http://herrlecaminoignaciano2012.blogspot.com.

Falling in Love

This is a guest post by Greg Herrle for Week Eight of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Looking back on this Ignatian Prayer Adventure, I experienced many ups and downs. At times, it was easy to create time to stop life and pray; at others, I found it difficult to escape the craziness that is life. Many times certain words or prayers easily caught my senses, and I could feel God speaking to me. Of course, […]

Battling Through Prayer

This is a guest post by Greg Herrle for Week Five of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. These past two weeks have been particularly hectic for me at work, which I found to take focus away from dedicating time to this Ignatian Prayer Adventure. However, due to the hectic work schedule, I found myself trying to integrate my prayer life throughout my workday more than usual. As things got stressful, I tried to find ways to […]

Responding with Love

This is a guest post by Greg Herrle for Week Three of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I’ll just plain admit that the idea of spending a week reflecting on my sins isn’t the most exciting thing to contemplate. Of course, there is the obvious need to reflect on our sins of past and present in order to become better people and better Christians. Yet, no matter how much I rationalize the need to reflect on […]

Being Aware of How God Is Near

This is a guest post by Greg Herrle, as he begins An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. As I completed my first retreat as a freshman in high school, I remember wanting to find a way to carry the lessons from that retreat to my daily life. I have struggled with this concept ever since. I always leave a retreat knowing my relationship with God has progressed, but I often find it difficult to transition back to […]

On the Camino: Knee Trouble

About a year ago my mother told me about a yard sign she had seen: “Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.” I love plans.  I am an actuary; my job is to plan and project future events.  But last week, I was reminded that some things are in God’s hands and not ours. A few hours into our hike of 15 miles on Friday, I began to feel a tightness above my […]

On the Camino: Three Friends

On Sunday we arrived in the town of Navarrete, completing our first full week of the Camino Ignaciano. We completed the mountain stages of the Camino, which are supposedly the most difficult. As I look back on this week, I realize that our best times this week were times we spent with people. There was Fermin, the first pilgrim of the Camino Ignaciano, who completed the entire route in only 18 days earlier this year. […]

On the Camino: Where it All Began

On Saturday we arrived in Loyola at about 3pm. We quickly settled into our room and decided to take a tour of the Loyola Basilica and the Holy House, where St. Ignatius was born and lived. We saw the room where Ignatius was born. In our modern world where everyone is born in hospitals, we rarely can pinpoint the exact room where someone was born; yet, more than 500 years later we know this is […]

On the Plane to Pilgrimage

As I sit here toward the back of the US Airways jet headed from Philadelphia to Brussels, it seems like a good time to write my first post for this blog. Ignatius and I find ourselves in very different situations leading up to the same pilgrimage. Ignatius felt his was a pilgrimage of necessity after his conversion. Our pilgrimage, on the other hand, is more out of convenience. We saw an opportunity to take some […]