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    German Shepherd - image courtesy of Marina Berzins McCoy

    Lessons in God’s Presence from a German Shepherd

    We recently adopted a new dog, a German Shepherd around two years old. He is a shelter dog and was previously in at least...
    beam of blue light in night sky - image by torstensimon from Pixabay

    Lessons in Jedi Training and Ignatian Spirituality

    A painting by a Baltimore-based artist hangs in our bedroom, a gift from my eldest daughter. The painting depicts a young girl—blond hair down...
    illustration of television with antenna and dials - Primsky/iStock/Getty Images

    Tuning In to God’s Voice

    I’d been a nervous wreck for days. In the next four weeks, I had several major projects due. Each endeavor was an opportunity for...
    cut apple next to baked apple pie - photo by stephanie monfette on Unsplash

    When We Miss the Fruits by Our Snap Judgments

    The apple tree in our front yard stands expansively as a remnant of the apple orchard that once spanned our community. I took one...
    glass chandelier in luxury building - photo by Movoyagee on Pexels

    Starting from a Position of Freedom

    Another word for indifference is freedom. Ignatius says that to make good decisions, we must try to be free from personal preferences, societal expectations,...
    autumn leaves in purple, red, and yellow - photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

    Finding God Through the Autumn Leaves

    It is autumn. The leaves have changed, and the wind has a slight chill, reminding us of what will come. Autumn is God’s way...
    Elijah and the raven bringing food - Julia Raketic/Shutterstock.com

    Attuning to God in Silence

    Frequently in the Gospels, we see Jesus withdrawing from a crowd to be alone with God. Early in his public ministry, he is clearly...
    autumn trees on both sides of the road - photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

    Letter to God in the Fall

    My sweet Lord, It is turning to autumn, and I feel your presence again in a different way: a tender, private manner. It is quieter...
    The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius - cover of book translated by Louis J. Puhl, SJ - available from Loyola Press

    False Consolation

    In the rules for the Second Week the evil tactics of the enemy present themselves under the appearance of good. At first glance they...
    mandolin and cactus - photo by aslhndogan on Pexels

    The Mandolin Dilemma

    For a brief period of time, I took mandolin lessons under a tree. I was living in Bolivia and had acquired a new mandolin and...