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    Invitation to Be Bold

    In January 2023, the Lord invited me to hope. At the time, I faced a long journey ahead of rebuilding myself, body and soul,...
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    Word for the New Year: Love

    As we begin a new year, I pray, as I do every year, for God to reveal to me something he’d like me to...
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    Spiritual Exercises with Children

    Pastoral minister Dr. Andy Kereky leads retreats for children based on the Spiritual Exercises. He talks about his experience with Joe Paprocki in an...
    St. Ignatius with AMDG in book

    Where Is It You Don’t Want to Go?

    Consolation is sometimes painful. On the surface, we fun-seeking humans will do lots of things that are not of God to avoid feeling bad, to...
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    Advent Light

    Advent readings often focus on the theme of light in the midst of darkness, picking up on the words of Isaiah: “The people walking...
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    San Fermo Maggiore Church in Verona, Italy, features foundation stones from the fifth century, so I was quite surprised to find, tucked behind one...

    Loved as I Am

    For years now, I have been working on accepting and internalizing a particular truth about God: that God loves me as I am, no...
    collectible trading cards - photo by Caleb Oquendo on Pexels

    Collecting Past and Present

    There’s a tiny games and hobbies shop off the highway near my house. I have to make at least one U-turn to find it....
    Christmas Examen - text over image of ornaments and candle - photo by I_n_g_r_i_t/Shutterstock.com

    Christmas Examen

    The Christmas season invites us to embrace St. Ignatius’s invitation to savor the things that satisfy the soul. My reality during the Christmas season...
    An Examen in Times of Pain - text over photo by Kindel Media via Pexels - grieving man with candle in foreground

    An Examen in Times of Pain

    The daily Examen is intended to help us notice where God is in our lives. We do this by examining the details of the...