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    Experiencing Easter

    I can think of many instances when the Easter season has liturgically fit with my life: times when there was new life as I...
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    Love to the End

    This post is based on Week Seven of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. This is a painful week in the Spiritual Exercises as I accompany Jesus...
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    What Do You Really Want?

    This post is based on Week Five of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. This week provides an opportunity to delve into a very deep question: What...
    "Faith is not fearful of reason." --Pope Francis, in On Faith - quote next to picture of stethoscope and old book

    Wonder and Faith

    “Faith is not fearful of reason.” —Pope Francis, in On Faith Every morning, I walk my son through the hallway of my school on his...
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    Courage’s Role in Discernment

    When it comes to discernment, sometimes another word for faith is courage. We ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to the best decision:the...
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    Wandering into the Sweetness of Lent

    Recently, I sat down with one of my favorite Gospel passages, Luke 6:27–38. One phrase caught my attention: “Give, and it will be given...
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    Sin, the Breaking of Relationship

    This post is based on Week Three of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Growing up, I understood sin to mean being “off the mark” or “off...
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    Letting Go of the Shades

    I remember the time I was praying silently in the living room very early in the morning, before my little ones were awake. It...
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    On the Examen

    This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I first encountered the Daily Examen—the five-step prayer of St. Ignatius, which aims...
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    Joy in the Lord

    As a couple of lone parents settled in to watch their children’s swim lesson through the glass and perhaps catch up on social media,...