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    framed photo of man with camera - photo by Portrenk from Pexels

    God’s Glance

    In our new apartment, we hung pictures of our 10 grandchildren down the length of the hall. Our younger son said jokingly, “You're going...
    mother holding baby's hand - photo by Lisa from Pexels

    Our Presence Is Enough

    This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. We had only been home for a handful of hours. We were groggy...
    stay humble - words on notebook - photo by Maddy Freddie from Pexels

    Humility in Lent

    This Lent, I have been reflecting and praying about humility. As a concept, humility is simple: thinking that no one else is any better...
    Darth Vader image by Star Wars/Ron Riccio under CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Darth Vader and the First Week of the Spiritual Exercises

    This post is based on Week Three of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. There’s a scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi that neatly sums...
    Halloween confetti - photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

    Confetti All Around

    This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Cards from my parents should come with a warning: “Proceed with caution.” It...
    sand-colored building blocks - image from Pixabay

    Rigid or Rearranged?

    This post is based on Week One of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. My collection of Star Wars LEGO sets has increased about 400%—an unintended, though...
    sunlight over water with grass in foreground - photo by Jenna Reivolahti on Unsplash

    When We Ask for Light

    We pray for light. We want to see what God sees. Or do we? When we pray the Examen, we ask God to shed light...
    water bottles - photo by Debora Cartagena, USCDCP on Pixnio

    Using Our Gifts to Build the Kingdom Among Us

    On the front porch, perched upon a worn wooden table and leaning against a bowl filled with water bottles, stood the sign: “Delivery Folks:...
    stopwatches with reflection - photo by Alla Eddine Taleb from Pexels

    A 24-Hour Life and Death Discernment

    “We have two options. We can do our best to keep the disease at bay and just treat side effects, leaving you days or...
    figure holding paper with A+ - image by Stephanie_Curry from Pixabay

    God Gives Us an A

    A couple of years ago, I had a student who spent quite a few free periods hanging out in my office. One day, he...