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    person sitting near graffiti wall - photo by Warren on Unsplash

    Attuning to God’s Voice Within

    My sons are now teens. It seems like just yesterday I put them down for a nap after lunch, and now, my youngest is...
    Young adults at Magis 2023 in Portugal - image courtesy of Eric Clayton/Jesuit Conference. Used with permission.

    All Part of the Experience at Magis

    In 2007, in the early months of my undergraduate career at Fairfield University, I stumbled upon an invitation on a bulletin board in campus...
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    Growing Through the Cracks

    Have you ever felt as though, because of unsettling news or a traumatic incident, the ground you were on all of a sudden opened...
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    On the Edge

    Many of us live on a religious edge. We are part of the church—the universal Body of Christ—but our connection to a local congregation...
    Exploring the Examen: A Webinar with Ignatian Friends - panelists pictured: Fr. Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, Jim Manney, Paul Mitchell, and Becky Eldredge

    Exploring the Examen: A Webinar with Ignatian Friends

    St. Ignatius Loyola taught his followers that the most important moment of their day was the time set aside to pray the daily Examen....
    cheese and fruit on picnic table seen from above - photo by Rachel Claire via Pexels

    Abundance at Summer’s End

    I feel it in the air. Mornings are crisp. I notice the days are a few minutes shorter, and even just a few minutes’...
    Text: "God’s grace is non-stop." next to image of succulent plant growing in the nooks of the boulders - image courtesy of Marina Berzins McCoy

    Storing up the Water of Consolation

    This summer on retreat I spent much time praying while sitting on large rocks off the northeast Atlantic Ocean. The wildlife is abundant there,...
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    Called Forth in Love: The Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises

    Enjoy this video overview of the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises. The week is about being called forth in love and choosing Christ. Two...
    Star Trek figure in grass - photo by Dom Talbot on Unsplash

    The Examen Invites Us to God Boldly

    In season two of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, in an episode entitled “Among the Lotus Eaters,” the crew of the Enterprise finds themselves...
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    The Small Rectangle

    Before school let out for the summer, a few colleagues and I gathered for a mini-retreat to close out the year. At the beginning...