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    mandolin and cactus - photo by aslhndogan on Pexels

    The Mandolin Dilemma

    For a brief period of time, I took mandolin lessons under a tree. I was living in Bolivia and had acquired a new mandolin and...
    person sitting near graffiti wall - photo by Warren on Unsplash

    Attuning to God’s Voice Within

    My sons are now teens. It seems like just yesterday I put them down for a nap after lunch, and now, my youngest is...
    Text: "God’s grace is non-stop." next to image of succulent plant growing in the nooks of the boulders - image courtesy of Marina Berzins McCoy

    Storing up the Water of Consolation

    This summer on retreat I spent much time praying while sitting on large rocks off the northeast Atlantic Ocean. The wildlife is abundant there,...
    woman in green shirt wearing glasses and holding files, looking confused - photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

    Free to Risk Failure

    We cannot choose correctly all the time. That plain fact inhibits many of us from making as many choices, and bold choices, as we...
    jazz saxophone musicians - photo via Pixnio

    Playing Jazz with God

    The art of discernment can be compared to playing jazz, which is an adventurous form of music. In jazz, the musicians play a standard...
    figure walking opposite direction than others - image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    The Voice of Fear and Agere Contra

    Recently, I’ve reached a new stage of discernment: the time right after the decision has been made but no action has been taken yet....
    Seeing with the Heart by Kevin O'Brien, SJ - author photo next to book cover

    Making Big Decisions

    In the Exercises, Ignatius describes a mode of discernment for making bigger decisions, traditionally called the election (SE 169–89). Making an election relies on...
    Joy in January - cardinal sitting on bare tree branch in winter

    Reframing Our Vision

    In ancient Rome, Janus was the two-faced god of beginnings and endings, but also of transitions and passages. It is therefore no surprise that...
    yellow arrow on rock - image by Barbara Bumm from Pixabay

    Yellow Arrows and Discernment

    Several years ago, I was blessed with a chance to walk part of the Camino de Santiago. Each day, we awoke early, put on...
    grace - word on side of building - photo by Evi Odioko on Unsplash

    The Grace We Need

    No matter how pure our motives and how flawless our discernment process, we depend on God's grace ultimately to help us make not only...