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    How God Gets Our Attention

    Fr. Joseph Tetlow, SJ, responds to the question, “How does God get our attention?” He explains these points in the video: Attention involves the whole...
    "Job and His Friends" by Ilya Repin. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

    Job and Desolation

    Job, we are told, was a righteous man, graced by God with all manner of blessing. But when Satan struck a wager with God...
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    Follow the Joy

    From time to time, we feel the need to understand better what our gifts are. I think this is particularly true at certain stages...
    The Freedom of Missing Out: Letting Go of Fear and Saying Yes to Life book by Michael Rossmann, SJ (pictured)

    We Can’t Be Anything We Want to Be

    It’s normal for children to dream of becoming superheroes and unicorns and all sorts of things they cannot become. But we need to grow...
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    Assuming the Best Intentions While Discerning as a Couple

    St. Ignatius wrote many letters, and on occasion I read from a collection of them to learn more about his approach to applying spirituality...
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    Walking with Ignatius in Discernment

    Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ, is releasing a video each month during this Ignatian Year. The videos serve...
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    A 24-Hour Life and Death Discernment

    “We have two options. We can do our best to keep the disease at bay and just treat side effects, leaving you days or...
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    Listening to God’s Call

    Author Barbara Lee experienced a call to be a spiritual director in her retirement years and encourages those who are aging to, “Listen to...
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    Baking, Breaking, and Balance

    This past Christmas, we did a lot of baking, both at home and at my mother’s house when we went to visit her and...
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    Discernment of Spirits and the Missioned Life

    Discernment of spirits isn’t just for adults. Help teens ask themselves how they make decisions, and lead them to practice discernment so that they...