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    After the Healing of the Man Born Blind

    Enjoy this video interpretation of an excerpt from The Life of Jesus by Andrea Tornielli that begins, “The healing of the man born blind...
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    Baby Jesus and Lent’s Refining

    It may be Lent, but I’m thinking about the baby Jesus, thanks to a picture of a friend’s grandson, Owen, asleep in his mother’s...
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    Lent Propels Us to Easter

    Easter is still a few weeks away. We find ourselves muddling through the doldrums of Lent. But I want to make a bold claim:...
    The Life of Jesus Lenten Read-Along - book with author Andrea Tornielli

    Why Should No One Know About a Miracle?

    Why does Jesus demand people not tell when he heals them? In chapter 11 of The Life of Jesus, Andrea Tornielli tells the stories of...
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    Fasting as an Act of Love

    When we think about the season of Lent, we often consider practices of fasting, prayer, and increased almsgiving. The Catechism says that although fasting...
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    At the Edge of the Desert

    The high point of our tour through Morocco was always meant to be the camel ride in the desert. The trip was designed that way;...
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    When Valentine’s Day Meets Ash Wednesday

    Sometimes it’s easier to invite God into the bad moments than the good ones. I’ve noticed I tend to my friendship with God more...
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    A Father’s Love

    The priest concludes his Sunday homily before the interior doors of the church fling open. Just released from Sunday school, the young children crowd...
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    Word for the New Year: Love

    As we begin a new year, I pray, as I do every year, for God to reveal to me something he’d like me to...
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    Advent Light

    Advent readings often focus on the theme of light in the midst of darkness, picking up on the words of Isaiah: “The people walking...