About Mags Blackie
Mags Blackie, PhD, is an academic at Stellenbosch University in South Africa and a part-time spiritual director. She holds a faculty position in the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science and is a research associate in the Faculty of Theology.
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The Centrality of Gratitude

Gratitude is not optional in the faith journey. It is central. Gratitude is not simply remembering to say “Thank you.” There is a difference between the child who is taught to say “Thank you,” and the child who is truly grateful. The words are not necessary when we see the joy and appreciation of child engaged with something that has been a gift. All children really need to do to show gratitude is to include […]

An Unexpected Grace in a Busy Season

I have made the mistake of agreeing to make contributions of various kinds at a time when I have major work pressure. My day job requires me to grade the exams of a 360 freshman chemistry students, submit a major grant proposal, submit a draft paper for a collaborative project, and give a paper at a theology winter school. In addition I have had to give a quiet day in my parish, submit two guest […]

Finding God in the Chemistry Lab

I remember standing in an organometallic chemistry laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa. I was dressed in a white lab coat and safety glasses and surrounded by glassware and lab equipment. The persistent hum of the fume hood was overlaid by the chatter of a cheap radio. In my left hand I held a small glass sample vial which contained a hundred milligrams or so of a white crystalline material. In that vial I held […]