About Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes is the Director of Campus Ministry at Canisius College and the founder of BustedHalo.com. He is the author of two books: Googling God (Paulist, 2007) and Loving Work (Orbis, 2014). He served as the principal editor for and co-wrote The World Youth Day Retreat Guide (USCCB, 2016) with his colleagues Becky Eldredge and Beth Knobbe. He attended MAGIS from July 15–23 in Lodz, Poland, and then World Youth Day with Pope Francis from July 24–31, 2016.

Mike has been happily married to Marion since 2002, and the couple live in the Buffalo suburbs with their chihuahua, Haze.

MAGIS and World Youth Day: Three Unforgettable Weeks in Poland

Pilgrimages are supposed to bring one closer to God. “You can talk or you can pray while you are on a pilgrimage,” advised one Polish Jesuit, and many of us on the journey to MAGIS and World Youth Day 2016 did a smattering of both throughout nearly three weeks in Poland. MAGIS in Lodz, Poland MAGIS is the Jesuits’ precursor to World Youth Day and consists of bringing students from Jesuit schools all over the […]

Looking Forward to World Youth Day and Magis 2016

Sitting in Exhibition Hall in Toronto with colleagues, I began to hear the screaming. “What’s that yelling?” I shouted. “Ah, the Pope’s motorcade is coming,” my friend Cindee replied. I shrugged and began to resume our conversation. But Cindee interrupted me and said, “Wait! You’ve never been to World Youth Day before! What’s wrong with you? Get out there, man!” I hesitated and said with an eye roll, “Cindee, I’m a veteran of the New […]

Four Seconds

I drive up Eggert Road nearly every day. It’s a slight shortcut that gives me four extra minutes on my daily commute. Time is the most precious of commodities. I was slightly hungry and had lunch in my bag, but I required some dinner as well, so I decided to save some time by picking up a sandwich on my way back to work. I made that decision in the four seconds it took to […]

The Truth of My Life

In my daily Examen, I often ask God to simply show me “the truth of my life.” I hope to be able to see things as they really are and not as I might think they are. I might think I’m being a great friend, but in reality I am needling someone unnecessarily. So I need God. I need God to reveal to me what the real situation in my life is. Not what it […]