About Beth M. Knobbe
Beth Knobbe is awaiting new professional opportunities and writes from her home in Chicago. She earned a Master of Divinity degree from Catholic Theological Union, and she is a regular speaker on topics related to spirituality, young adults, and the single life. Beth is the author of Finding My Voice: A Young Woman's Perspective and Party of One: Living Single with Faith, Purpose, and Passion.
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Finding God in the Economic Downturn

I always look forward to my end-of-the-fiscal-year performance evaluation. I like to think of this as an extended Examen of the past year. It is a crucial opportunity for giving thanks, celebrating successes, reviewing areas for growth, and looking ahead to the coming year. There was much to be grateful for this past year, and I also knew there was a lot of room for growth. But there was something else going on, too. After […]

The Committee Rattling in My Mind

There is a never-ending committee meeting that rattles in my mind. It sounds like this: Don’t forget to pick up apples at the grocery store”¦.I wonder what Sam thought about that conversation we had earlier today. I bet he thought I was too hard on him”¦.How many apples do I have left in the refrigerator? Maybe I don’t need to stop at the store”¦.Do I owe Sam an apology? Maybe I should call him. Never […]

We Learned a Lot on Haiti Mission Trip

This is a guest post. There are two phrases that I consistently use to describe our mission trip to Haiti—“it was interesting” and “we learned a lot.” One of our students recently attempted to call my bluff on this. “Beth, you do realize that those two phrases used in conjunction with one another are code for ‘it was terrible,’ right?” It was not terrible; it was in fact a really good trip. It was by […]

“Magis” Moment Leads to Haiti

This is a guest post. One of my greatest joys is leading college students on international service-immersion trips. I’ve traveled with 80 students to Nicaragua over the past seven years. I love seeing students’ lives transformed while walking with our brothers and sisters around the globe. I cannot imagine NOT doing this work. Truthfully though, I’ve had this itch to try something new, but no clear sense of what that “something else” might be. When […]