About Laurie Marshanke
Laurie Marshanke is Director of Youth Ministry at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Niagara Falls and Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Buffalo.

Advent Examen

Begin by taking in a deep breath, taking in God’s love, the light of Christ, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Exhale all your worries, your challenges, and your fears. During this time of Advent let us reflect on what we can do to prepare for the Lord. 1. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you see the day as the newborn baby Jesus sees it. What joy have you found today? Where have you […]

Easter Season Examen

Take in a deep breath—taking in God’s love, light, and strength—and let it out slowly, exhaling any worries, cares, or fears. 1. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you see Easter as God sees it. After experiencing the Holy Triduum, we often find ourselves celebrating Easter Sunday and then moving back into our daily routine. So think about the Easter season, the Resurrection that we are currently celebrating, and recognize how God has been present […]