About Maureen McCann Waldron
Maureen McCann Waldron graduated from Creighton University with a degree in journalism and then spent 22 years in corporate public relations. After receiving her master’s degree in Christian spirituality from Creighton, she joined Andy Alexander, SJ, in Creighton’s Collaborative Ministry Office.

Listening to God in Nature

I once went to Morning Prayer during a retreat. While other mornings had been filled with beautiful words and guided meditations that I no longer remember, on this morning the leader simply opened the windows in the room to a spectacular view of the woods and read one line from Psalm 46: “Be still, and know that I am God.” It was exactly what I needed: to look out into the trees and simply rest […]

My Mother’s Suscipe

My mother, Rosemary Mulligan McCann, was a brilliant woman, and it was particularly hard for us to watch as Alzheimer’s seeped her brilliance from her. When St. Ignatius encourages us to be detached or indifferent to an outcome or a decision, he knows detachment leads to a freedom which will bring us closer to God. When I think of that kind of freeing detachment, I often think of my mother’s last years. Over those difficult […]

Technology and Community

When my mother was dying, the family gathered around her bed as she was anointed. Four of the five of us children were there. My brother suggested we call Jim, the oldest brother, on the phone to connect with him in this sacred moment as we prayed and sang. From halfway across the country, Jim could hear what was being said in the room via the cell phone that rested near my mother’s head. When […]

Lenten Meditation 7: Accepting the Offer

Throughout this Lenten journey, I have maintained that God wants all human beings to be “holy souls,” and thus “friends of God, and prophets.” I hope that you have experienced God’s desire for your friendship and your corresponding desire to be God’s friend. I am convinced that the only way to the fulfillment of God’s dream for our world is for more and more human beings to accept God’s offer of friendship and to begin […]

Rocking Babies in Church

My husband and I were at Mass on Saturday night and during the opening hymn, I noticed the woman in the pew ahead of us holding her baby daughter. As the music grew, the mother rocked back and forth to the music. Up in the front row, I noticed another woman holding a baby close, dipping and rocking to the swells of the music, her participation in the liturgy adding to my own. I remembered […]

Teach Me to Serve You as You Deserve

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, we’ve invited our dotMagis bloggers to reflect on the individual lines of St. Ignatius’s Prayer for Generosity. How does God deserve to be served? What does that really mean? We tend to use the word deserve in two different ways. Sometimes we use it with a sneer or in anger declaring: “You’ll get what you deserve!” And the same word used in almost the same sentence but with love, […]

Pope Francis and My Granddaughter Know Courage Leads to Love

In celebration of the release of Pope Francis’s book, The Church of Mercy, several of our dotMagis bloggers will be sharing reflections this month based on the words of Pope Francis. My 14-month-old granddaughter, Charlotte, loves everyone. I watch her work a room—a restaurant, a church dinner, any gathering of relatives. With her newly-polished walking skills, she toddles around, looking up and smiling at everyone. Last week at a parish dinner, she walked up to […]

Praying with the Season’s Songs

The hymns of Advent and Christmas offer a wonderful way to pray. Music is a powerful part of my prayer life, because music is a prayer of the heart and it makes detours around my thinking, worrying, and list-making brain to slip God’s love gently into my soul and heart. One song that always moves me is Tim Manion’s “Emmanuel.” The words of the chorus are like a prayer that takes me into a deeper […]

Wisdom Days

Fridays have become Wisdom Days. I will be 60 in a few weeks and after 38 years of working full-time, I asked my boss/friend/work partner if I could reduce to working four days a week. Since August 1, I have been taking off every Friday. Before my first day off even came up, I found myself sitting in a discussion group with a Jesuit who was visiting campus. “What are you going to do with […]

Take Courage

One thing about Ignatius—he had courage. Common sense isn’t always apparent in his early life; humility came later, too, and Ignatius grew into his relationship with God, as we all do. But whether it was misdirected or not in his youth, his fearlessness has always been apparent. Maybe because I never feel like I have enough courage, Mark’s Gospel about Bartimaeus caught my attention recently. The blind man sits at the side of the road […]

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