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    Paul Brian Campbell, SJ

    Paul Brian Campbell, SJ, is a Jesuit priest and associate pastor at Holy Trinity Parish in Washington, DC. Previously the Publisher at Loyola Press, Father Paul continues his dedication to encouraging others to work together and find God in all things.

    Joy Is a Decision

    Joy is a way of looking at the world and choosing to see it as God's world, infused with God's grace and love. As we contemplate the Resurrection in...

    Praying on the Passion and Death of Jesus

    It's never easy to pray on the Passion and death of Jesus. But when we do, we need to remember that the story doesn't end with the death of...

    Keep the Focus on Jesus

    Keep the focus on Jesus and not on ourselves. That's my advice this week, as you'll see in the below video contribution to An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, Week 6.

    Distractions in Prayer

    We all experience distractions in prayer. But the lesson is to “Pray as you can, not as you can't.” For our Ignatian Prayer Adventure this week, join me as I...

    Give Up Being Tough on Yourself

    In this week's video, I respond to comments inspired by last week's video: Sin, O Happy Fault. Try giving up being tough on yourself, and instead concentrate on accepting...

    Sin, O Happy Fault

    My three favorite words in any language are, “O felix culpa—O happy fault.” I talk about why in today's video, part of our discussion of sin in this Week...