Sin, O Happy Fault

An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

My three favorite words in any language are, “O felix culpa—O happy fault.” I talk about why in today’s video, part of our discussion of sin in this Week 3 of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure.

Visit the Ignatian Prayer Adventure page for links to the third week’s full set of materials.


  1. I grow up the most vulnerable child in our family, and sin caught me in every corners of my deepest memory. But today, I wanted to go where God will call to partner me even death prevails me.

  2. This video is linked to from Wk 3 Day 1 of Ign. Prayer Adv. I want to comment on the scripture passage for that day: Gen. 3. Felix culpa can apply to Eve’s initiative in stepping over the boundary of pre-self-conscious innocence into fully human self-consciousness. A “mistake”? But we grow up by trying and failing. This text actually blocks me from considering my waywardness (sin) bc it has been used to demonize women. Possible to choose another?


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