Join An Ignatian Prayer Adventure Week 3

An Ignatian Prayer AdventureAn Ignatian Prayer Adventure continues with Week 3 materials ready today. Our theme is “Something’s Broken,” and we consider the effects of sin in the world and in our lives.

The aim is not to dwell in guilt and despair. As Kevin O’Brien, SJ, writes:

We don’t get very far just by counting our sins and trying to overcome them by sheer force of will. Instead, we need to keep our eyes fixed on God’s ever-present mercy, which is the ultimate source of our lasting liberation from sin.

We seek healing. Just as bodily healing often begins with some physical pain, healing of the soul begins with a graced awareness of our disordered loves and self-preoccupations.

The Ignatian Adventure


  1. Re: Colluqy, Day Two: “I give thanks to Jesus that he has not allowed me to fall into any of these groups ….”
    If one of the fathers would explicate that a bit more. It sounds like the pharisee praying his thanks that he is not like the other guy. The above quote implies that Jesus puts the net under some of us and not others.


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