An Anxious Person’s Prayer

Most of us are feeling the pressure at this time of year.  Too much to do; too little time.  Here’s a prayer for anxious people, written by William Browning,  C.P.  I found it on the Orientations website, a fine resource for prayer maintained by the Canadian Jesuits.

A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, give me stillness of soul in you.

Calm the turmoil within, with the gentleness of your peace.

Quiet the anxiety within, with a deep trust in you.

Heal the wounds of sin within, with the joy of your forgiveness.

Strengthen the faith within, with the awareness of your presence.

Confirm the hope within, with the knowledge of your strength.

Give fullness to the love within, with an outpouring of your love.

O Holy Spirit, be to me a source of light, strength and courage

so that I may hear your call ever more clearly

and follow you more generously.

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