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    Something to Think About

    Johannes Vermeer "Christ in the House of Martha and Mary" - public domain via Wikimedia Commons

    Healthy Friendship with Jesus

    Have you ever wondered if your friendship with Jesus is a healthy one? I’m not sure if I ever considered this particular question before. Of...
    silhouettes of man and woman screaming at each other - image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    Responding to Conflict

    Ignatius invites us to focus continually on the person of Jesus and to follow his way; he is the one who becomes fully human,...
    refillable water bottle station - image (cropped) by Tom Blackburn, Friends of Mason Neck State Park, Virginia State Parks under CC BY 2.0

    Prayer Is Like a Water Bottle

    In my holiday travels I learned about prayer at an airport while refilling my water bottle at one of those automatic dispensers on a...
    hand-knitted blanket - image courtesy of Rebecca Ruiz

    A Blanket Surprise

    This year, as Advent began, I wasn’t feeling ready. I just couldn’t get into the spirit of Advent. I talked with my spiritual director about...
    woman doing sit-ups - photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

    Getting in Shape

    I am not a sporty person. Bookish—yes. The kind of person who sings to musicals—yes. I was the kid with asthma and the one...
    rocks at bottom of sea - photo by Yannis Papanastasopoulos on Unsplash

    Grace at Rock Bottom

    When I converted to Catholicism 15 years ago, a family friend mailed me a copy of The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor with a...
    interior of "Remember Us with Smiles" book by Grace and Gary Jansen

    Health, Memories, and the Spiritual Life

    What do inflammation, memory, and spirituality have in common? Quite a bit. Inflammation is our body’s attempt to protect itself from invading pathogens. For example,...
    Saint Paul at desk - Renata Sedmakova/Shutterstock.com

    St. Paul and the Call to Adapt to Radical Change

    Paul had an extraordinarily active life. It’s exhausting just to read about his missionary journeys: the many times he was shipwrecked, persecuted, imprisoned, and...
    Braving the Thin Places Lenten Read-Along - text above image of Julianne Stanz, author, and her book

    Lenten Read-Along: Room for One More

    At the heart of the Irish expression, céad míle fáilte, meaning “a hundred thousand welcomes,” is the understanding that each person that we meet...
    Simeon and Anna in the Temple by Rembrandt - public domain via Wikimedia Commons

    Anna and the Call to Recognize What Is Possible

    Anna (Luke 2:22–24, 36–38) is part of the Christmas story. It’s easy to overlook her among the many characters in Luke’s infancy narrative because...