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    Training Catherine

    Catherine is a fairly new volunteer at the thrift store. I have taken her under my wing to train her in the spiritual path...
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    The Triangulation of Desire

    The late philosopher René Girard suggested that human desire is “triangular,” meaning that it arises not from any intrinsic value in the object of...
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    How to Beat the Fear of Failure

    Choose to do what you consider important to do. Do that important thing, and keep doing it. Don’t give up on what is important. Look at the...
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    Jesus Responds to His Sorrow

    As Jesus responds to his sorrow, he is expressing to us the best of what it means to be human. There are no miracles...
    Ecce Homo by Titian - partial view

    Who Is This Jesus of Nazareth?

    Brian Prugh reflects on Titian’s Ecce Homo (“Behold, the man”) in a Dappled Things post that gives much to contemplate this Holy Week. The...
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    God Is All About Balance

    Char, a widow and grandmother who has assisted in many family medical needs lately, tells me that God is all about balance. “My life has...
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    Paying Attention

    While in Paris, inspirational speaker Daniel Midson-Short learned the importance of paying attention. The lesson came from a silent woman, about whom Midson-Short says:...
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    Longings in Advent

    In December, we often ask children, “What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?” In Advent the Church poses to us a...
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    Everyone Experiences God

    I can say, with no reservations, that everyone experiences God. We might not all use the same language for the experience. We might not...
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    A Spirituality of Orality

    Nearly 25 years ago, the Jesuit scholar of language Walter J. Ong wrote a seminal work on the difference between spoken and written language, and how...