How Do You Know if You Have Found God?

Finding God in All Things - text overlaid on heart

How do you know if you have “found God” in something, in a moment of your day?

For me it is like hitting a hard reset on my computer. It is reconnecting to my mission, to that which makes me tick and makes me seek goodness. It is the self-awareness of seeing what is truly important and needed in a situation rather than just what I want. It is the moment of gratitude for what is and the release of the angst for what isn’t. And in those moments, there is a sense of wholeness, of oneness with Something greater than myself, with another person, or with the world around me.

When I step outside of myself enough, at the end of my day or throughout the day, to momentarily name and celebrate that experience of oneness, that is when I can say I find God in all things.


  1. Thanks. Finding God in all things, in all places, and in all people is an ancient way among people of goodwill in Asia, Africa, and in several regions of the world. It is truly amazing to see that such trajectories still exist.

  2. It seems that God finds ME. Whenever I am troubled with a decision and don’t know what to do, I will get an answer that seems to come from left field when I don’t expect it. I know it’s from God and not I because it’s simple. It’s rational and not emotional, it’s gentle, and it is caring.

    God takes His time, though. Somestimes, I don’t get an answer right away. Sometimes it takes weeks or months. But God always finds me and gives me the answer.

  3. About twenty years years ago I had epiphany.
    Yesterday I read a n article that said God is within, always has been.
    This was the last piece of the puzzle I have been looking at for eighty years.
    Feeling the pleasure of the state of grace.

  4. I think i just had my first experience of god, been struggling with it for a while. I recently started a recovery course for addicts at my local baptist church. I just challenged god at a time of need, i was feeling anxious and got the same bubbly nervous feeling i usually get when im struggling and for no reason, im really giving this course my everything and am genuine for first time in a long! So anyway i challenged god and prayed, shortly after i felt lifted and whole again, this might just be a figment of my imagination but i dont think so, if anyone can relate to this, it would make me happy. Thx for listening

    • Iv been curious as to why I feel a warmth and nice tingly feeling inside whenever I think of god, its a nice and cosy feeling and its getting stronger all the time, I wasn’t raised in a religious home at all, so I’m a bit puzzled why I feel this lovely feeling whenever I think of god. I’m struggling with addiction and I’m beginning to think that god might save me, can anyone give me any advice please?

      • God is there for you and he will never leave you alone again, once you say you are sorry and you need him
        You are forgiven and lived by God unconditionally.

  5. I have no idea how this happened but on thought led to another after thinking about my life and the stupid things I’ve doing with it. I’m 15 and if I died a week ago I would’ve went to hell. I was depressed and the only thing that I could see that mattered was getting drunk or high. God awoken me to see the devil in my life. I see everything differently now. I used to question God in my head but say to myself don’t think like that he’s real but still I would question him in the back of my mind. I never thought once about what would happen to me if I died when I did all of that. I guess that showed I didn’t really believe it too much. But now I feel content with my life. I feel better about myself, God is the greatest antidepressant. I see that there are things bigger than me. And I will not stop striving to be as close to perfect as I can be. I know I will make mistakes but I will own them. I’m so lucky that I was awoken at such an early age and have everything figured out. People go there lives blind. And skme more details I didn’t mension was I was at a friends house on a Friday night when all of this came about and my family was having financial problems and my house didn’t have water or power when I left and one thing I thought about that night was why would God bless us when we are all terrible people consumed in sin. So I prayed that night saying that I am going to change and prayed for my family and the next morning my mom texted me and said all is well. I though myself and was like the first step is worship and I went to my friends first baptist church and the message just so happened to be about finding God and change. I am so grateful.

  6. When I experience those moments, which may last awhile, in which I need nothing more to be satisfied, secure, at peace, and without concerns about anything else in the world.

  7. Nothing fazes me no challenge is too big I don’t worry about anything I know everything will be fine I trust in God to know what I expect in life I will receive I never dwell on anything the past is past the future has not happened every day I live it like my first I see beauty in everything I look for the best in people not the worst I am grateful for my life I love my life I feel at peace I know I am not perfect and that I always strive to be a better person than I already am I do not judge others I accept that is how I know I have found God

  8. For me, it’s when I realize something that isn’t obvious or natural at that moment. In particular, when my reaction to something is not the usual or expected.
    If I am able to automatically relax when someone was attempting to provoke me or if I feel empathy when the expected emotional response was anger or frustration, then I am certain God is with me.
    Also, when I sincerely know deep down that everything is ok… that God is at ease with whatever we throw at Him, and that I should be at ease as well since He can handle anything and my reaction/intervention are not necessary.


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