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    Pope Francis Says… posters

    Pope Francis Says… Posters

    Decorate your space with the inspiring words of Pope Francis. Phrases encouraging joy, prayer, and sharing are paired with vibrant illustrations on a set...
    On Faith Quotes by Pope Francis Free Mini-Posters

    On Faith Free Mini-Posters

    “We must enter into the adventure of the quest for meeting God; and we must let God search and encounter us.”“If we allow ourselves...

    Hope Doesn’t Disappoint

    Something to ponder as we close one year and welcome another: —As quoted in On Hope by Pope Francis Download a PDF of this quote to...
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    God with Us in the Word

    Becky Eldredge, author of Busy Lives & Restless Souls, recently shared a post on Listening for God in Scripture, in which she suggested praying...
    First Sunday of Advent candle lit - image by Susanne Nilsson (cropped) under CC BY-SA 2.0

    Advent Inspiration

    As we reach the midpoint of this First Week of Advent, here are a few articles from the dotMagis archives to inspire you this...
    light shining down from the sun

    A Person Made of Light

    Suppose there were a reality faster than light, so superenergized that it would be at rest, everywhere at once. Every object we see—though it...
    Make Today Matter Blog Hop

    Make Today Matter Blog Hop

    How can small things done every day change us for the better and make the world better too? Author and leadership speaker Chris Lowney...
    Image of Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe by Sebastian Wallroth [CC BY 3.0] - via Wikimedia Commons

    Three Pilgrimage Experiences

    St. Ignatius referred to himself as a pilgrim, and many followers of the Ignatian way have used special times of pilgrimage to encounter God...

    Forced Stillness

    Jesuit Volunteer Grace Ogihara was forced into stillness because of neck and back pain one weekend. She writes: Though I otherwise would’ve been outside traipsing...
    The Joy of Discipleship by Pope Francis

    Joy and Mission

    Jesus is not a lone missionary; he does not want to fulfill his mission alone but involves his disciples. In addition to the twelve...