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    God's Great Story and You by William A. Barry, SJ - book cover and author photo

    A Wider Circle of Friends

    As friends of God, we are invited to become friends with all of God’s friends. God invites us to widen our circle of friends...
    The Ignatian Year 2021–2022

    Cannonball Moment at a Funeral

    Patrick Saint-Jean, SJ, at Creighton University, introduces his cannonball moment with the words, “A sad experience made me the happiest guy in the whole...
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    A Transformative T-Shirt Slogan

    Theresa Wang, a campus minister from Taiwan, was thinking about leaving her school when a t-shirt slogan caught her attention. Shortly after, she went...
    The Ignatian Year 2021–2022

    When the Scientist Encountered Deer

    Astrophysicist Paolo Beltrame, SJ, from Italy, was in South Dakota one Christmas when he saw deer. In that encounter, he experienced God not only...
    William Barry, SJ: Life, Legacy, and the Ignatian Year - text for invitation to a virtual roundtable

    William Barry, SJ: Life, Legacy, and the Ignatian Year

    To kick off the Ignatian Year, Loyola Press brought together some of the great minds of Ignatian spirituality to reflect on and discuss the...
    The Ignatian Way for the Ignatian Year - text over image of mountain hiker

    The Ignatian Way for the Ignatian Year

    Soon we’ll begin an Ignatian Year for the Society of Jesus and all who follow the ways of Ignatian spirituality. May 20, 2021, the...
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    Growing in Friendship with God This Lent (Video)

    With Lent fast approaching, it’s a good time to reflect anew on our relationship with God. The IgnatianSpirituality.com series, Growing in Friendship with God...
    "Never lose hope; continue to believe, always, in spite of everything. Hope opens new horizons, making us capable of dreaming what is not even imaginable." - quote by Pope Francis next to book cover On Hope and tree background

    Advent Hope

    Hope is a theme of Advent, so we today share two quotes on hope for your reflection this season. The quote art is from a...
    stained glass - photo by marek kizer on Unsplash

    The Saints, Anchored in Hope

    The Feast of All Saints…reminds us that the goal of our existence is not death, it is paradise! The apostle John writes, “It does...
    Help me, Lord, to see how you are at work, bringing life even in seemingly impossible circumstances. Help me to open about my grief and honest about my fears. Help me recognize your encouragement when it comes. – quote from Sacred Space: A Little Book of Encouragement

    Impossible Circumstances

    Something to ponder: Learn about Sacred Space: A Little Book of Encouragement.