3 Comments on Advent Video: Mary Receiving Jesus into Her Arms

  1. The Advent prayer and reflections kept me connected to our God in the present time while I brought the past events forward so that the characters spoke to me one insight or another that positively affected my day. For me a great comfort during a joyful season filled with much pain. Thank you.

  2. I,too, appreciated the Advent prayers and meditations. They became an important part of my preparation and I hope they become a tradition! Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you! The Prayer for Advent became for us a source of meditation on the meaning of Advent with the theme of peace, hope and joy. The daily prayers and video’s kept us always aware of the true meaning of waiting for the great gift of the Incarnation. Your Advent prayers were very important to us. We hope they become a part of Advent for us every year.

    Larry & Rose Marie Joyce

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