10 Reasons to Like the Easter Season

Easter lilies

I recently posted this question on Facebook: “What is one reason you like the Easter season?” I received multiple responses, which I combined with my own into these 10 reasons.

  1. There are many new members of our Catholic faith.
  2. It is the season of joy, celebration, and the entire reason for our hope.
  3. I like the feeling of coming out of the dark and experiencing the fullness of Christ’s light!
  4. If you are from the South, it means you can break out the white pants, linen, seersucker, and white shoes, which remind me of the season of light and new life.
  5. It is a season of rebirth—in our yards, in our hearts, and in our spirits.
  6. It’s a season of reflection to see if we grew spiritually by assessing our Lenten journey.
  7. It is the season of our renewal of baptismal vows and a recommitment to what our Baptism calls us to do.
  8. Jesus is risen and continues to appear to the disciples. Just as the disciples needed more time to understand what the Resurrection meant, we are given 50 days of Easter to let our understanding of the Resurrection take root in our lives.
  9. We get to hear the readings from the Acts of the Apostles, in which we see the transformation of the disciples from being startled and terrified to boldly proclaiming the Good News.
  10. It’s so encouraging to spend some time each day of the Easter season thinking, “What does it mean to my life today that Jesus Christ died for me and is risen from the tomb?” What does this call me to?

What is one reason you like the Easter season?

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