About Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly is a wife, mother, and Ignatian Associate living in Omaha, Nebraska. She works to help organizations integrate spirituality into their planning and systems. She and her husband, Tom, completed the 19th Annotation in 2005, just prior to spending two years living in the Dominican Republic with their three young children, supporting the work of the Jesuit Institute for Latin American Concern. Additionally they have lived in El Salvador and Bolivia for extended periods.

What Do the Pope and Dr. Seuss Have in Common?

In celebration of the upcoming release of Pope Francis’s book, The Church of Mercy, several of our dotMagis bloggers will be sharing reflections this month based on the words of Pope Francis. Pope Francis has shared with the world his own inner Dr. Seuss. It’s not that he is speaking in rhyme or teaching children to count, but he is using his words to paint images of a world previously beyond imagination, a world of […]

The Password

“Password incorrect. Please try again.” For the 15th time, my stupid computer kept flashing that same message as I tried desperately to reset my password and get into the system. First my new code was too short, then no capital letters, then no numbers or extra symbols, or it had been taken by another user. With each effort to find the perfect combination being blocked by the evil spirit inside my keyboard, I could feel […]

The Tattoo

It was the parental conversation when I realized I had lost all control. “You are not getting a tattoo!” I declared to my 18-year-old son, who just smiled back at me slyly with that I-love-you-but-you-know-you-can’t-do-anything-about-it look. Eight more months and he will move out of the house, and while he is counting every day with anticipation, I am counting them with dread. I question every decision we made along the way. I panic at the […]

The Inconvenient Call

A priest was obsessed about reminding parishioners to turn off their cell phones before Mass. He mentioned it at least three or four times before the service started. Then just as he stepped up to give his homily, in a moment of total silence, a jiggling ring tone emanated from his own cell phone. Red-faced, he waded through his vestments, pulled the device from the holder on his hip, and in an audible whisper said […]

Images of Jesus

I was raised with Franco Zeffirelli’s blue-eyed, long-haired Jesus as the image in my mind at prayer time. It was an image that was comfortable because Jesus looked”¦well, like people I knew, people who were like me. Funny how I never questioned why a middle-eastern Jew two thousand years ago would have had blue eyes. Ignatian spirituality allowed my imagination to feed my prayer life, not only by placing myself in the scenes of the […]

The Only True Identity

My 84-year-old father, a former Air Force fighter pilot who traveled around the world, now spends his days mainly confined to his recliner. His liberty to get up and walk to the refrigerator, let alone travel or even run an errand, is gone. He has lived in the same room for three years now, yet every time he enters it he asks if that is the place he is staying tonight. The voice and memory […]

With the “Blessed”

The stench of the mud hut with the tin roof that was home to a woman dying of breast cancer, her two children in torn, dirty clothes, and their cow—that stench will never leave me. After 12 days in the heart of Africa, I found myself almost numb to the poverty. So many seemingly impossible situations. The average life expectancy is 55. The orphans, street children, child wives, AIDS victims, deformed bodies, dirt-floored schools, and […]

A Change of Preposition

A little change of preposition can make a big difference. Imagine that you see a disheveled looking man holding a cardboard sign saying “Hungry, out of work, please help.” You feel the typical internal angst. Shall I ignore and look away? Shall I give money (most likely to make myself feel better)? But somewhere inside you realize that this person is not so very different from you. Perhaps he once had a good paying job and frequented […]

Does Obama Pray?

How hard can it be to take 10, 15, 20 minutes a day for dedicated prayer or reflection and contemplation? Loyola Press has it down to a daily 3-Minute Retreat sent right to your Facebook page. And yet the commitment to any regular prayer practice can often feel like one more burden to “fit in” to our hectic schedules, one of those “shoulds” that my spiritual director often cautions me against. I often feel like I just […]

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