Coffee Shop Encounter

Mary and I were talking at the coffee shop about a ministry we lead. The tables were close together, but I forgot that as I was engrossed in conversation. We didn’t see the professionally dressed man at the table next to us, laptop open, until we noticed that he was crying. “God bless you!” he said emotionally when we made eye contact. “Obviously, you’re women of faith. I’m inspired.” “Are you eavesdropping on us?” I […]

Halloween and Imagination

Whether you love Halloween or hate it, the holiday is a popular one. People love to dress up and pretend to be something else for the day. Do we ever stop to think about what we’re really pretending to be, or if we could use our imagination for greater benefit? Some people say they have no imagination, but then they go out and pretend on Halloween. That’s a grand night of imagination. Whether sharing stories […]

Football and the Examen

I am a huge football fan. When my team is playing, I am dressed in team colors and cheering with great enthusiasm. I go to great lengths to catch the game when my team is playing. While I definitely prefer to watch the games on TV or at the stadium, occasionally I have had to settle for tuning in to the game on the radio. It’s when I listen on the radio that I become […]

Five Reasons Not to Dismiss Halloween

Whether or not you have children, it’s hard to escape the Halloween decorations and festivities this time of year. Here are my thoughts on why we should attend to this holiday. Halloween has become just another fun day for kids. Yes, there are some dark origins of All Hallows Eve, but the little folks that come traipsing up your sidewalk dressed as monsters, Disney characters, and comic book heroes do not connect their good time […]

Who Calls You?

This post is based on Week Five of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I recently attended a parish workshop on the topic of servant leadership. In a small group exercise, we shared examples of people in our lives who truly embody the characteristics of a servant leader—leaders who are empathetic, humble, focused on others, and driven by a sense of mission. Our group shared stories about saints and popes, family members and friends, civic and political […]