The Dark Night of Seeds

One of Jesus’ parables about the Kingdom of God depicts us as various types of soil into which the sower plants seeds. I found myself imagining that I was the seed instead. It led to a fruitful contemplation about heaven. I see myself planted deep in the earth, with its darkness and grime. I cannot see heaven above, but I know in faith that it is there, somewhere. I wait. God’s living water cracks the […]

Here but Not Here

In East Africa, Michael Rossmann, SJ, watched on his laptop in the middle of the night as Notre Dame beat USC and completed an undefeated season.  The experience led him to think about the Kingdom of God–here but not here. It was like I was right there watching with my fellow Domer friends and family.  Except I wasn’t.  I was alone in my bedroom as the world around me slept.  As much as it made […]

What Is Worth Your Desire?

The Spiritual Exercises ask us to look at Christ and what he stands for. We’re instructed to imagine him as a good king who brings his forces against the evil king. In today’s world, especially here in the West, we don’t think much in terms of kings and kingdoms. So this imagery can be difficult to integrate with our prayer. But we can approach it this way. As we observe Jesus in the Gospel accounts, […]