The Ignatian Way #2: Ignatian Spirituality: An Overview

The second presentation in The Ignatian Way series gives an overview of Ignatian spirituality. The series is based on materials written by Brian Grogan, SJ, of the Irish Jesuits.

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17 Comments on The Ignatian Way #2: Ignatian Spirituality: An Overview

  1. It’s very practical. It’s prayer with deep connection with God, one that embodies a true relationship with Him. I think it’s useful information for anyone who professes to be Christian. I think it’s non-denominational, yet ironically inspired by St. Ignatius.

  2. Lord, I’m back again. You have been merciful to me, a sinner. Lord, I am praying for spiritual direction. Send the Holy Spirit, please.

    • It’s so good to see something walking on the road to God loke you. Searching for spiritual direction.
      God bless you. We love you.

  3. Thank you for this presentation. I am looking forward to spending each day with St. Ignatius to bring me closer to God.

    With a grateful heart~ Linda

  4. Hi,

    I would like to say a simple thanks to you all for this very helpful

    and enjoyable presntation.

    May god be with you


  5. This presentation of the Spiritual Exercises is clear and concise. It is also an invitation to understand Ignatius’ approach to God. Thank you!

  6. I was always intimidated by “The Exercises”,I didn’t know what thay were but thought they would be above me.This presentation is so simple and direct.I am learning also to pray daily The Examen.I suppose I don’t have to be a mystic after all.Thanks,LD

  7. Thank you for this clear, concise and nourshing presention. Have a blessed Lent reflecting on Christ’s journey with us in out struggles.


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