About Maureen McCann Waldron
Maureen McCann Waldron graduated from Creighton University with a degree in journalism and then spent 22 years in corporate public relations. After receiving her master’s degree in Christian spirituality from Creighton, she joined Andy Alexander, SJ, in Creighton’s Collaborative Ministry Office.

“The Flowers Appear on the Earth”

While God seems to be woven into my daily life, it’s never when I expect it, like at the “holy” moments. I pray in the mornings but am sometimes distracted by my to-do list for the day. At Mass I want so much to focus and be transformed by the reality of what is happening, but too often I am halfway through Mass before I realize that I am still silently humming the opening hymn. […]

It’s Never Too Late to Enter Advent

As I have so often written in this blog, my life is hectic, busy and frantic. I can now see that I seem to be hell-bent on keeping it that way. In recent months I have put in very long hours on wonderful projects at work and perhaps received a little dose of self-importance as a bonus. In 2011, I was off work for six months and for a very long time after I returned, […]

“Your Right Hand Holds Me Fast”

Psalm 139, which is beloved by so many, is a favorite of mine. LORD, you search me and you know me: you know when I sit and stand; you understand my thoughts from afar. When I read through the psalm, I feel the invitation from God and God’s intense and personal love for us. It seems like God is longing to have us know how cherished we are in each moment of our lives – […]


As I drive around the city, I see advertising signs on businesses that often include changing slogans. Along with the name of the business, it might also include a small bit of wisdom or sage advice. A car wash sign might note the cost of the wash, or it might say, “Get a fresh start on the day.” That’s probably good advice even if they also want me to think about starting fresh with a […]

Good Things Happened

Back in February I wrote here about a fortune cookie my husband opened that promised, “Three months from this date, good things will happen.” We marked that upcoming date – May 18th – on our calendar at home and idle speculation about good things buoyed us through various times during the winter. I had written in that earlier entry that I realized good things happen to us every day but I am often not paying […]

Marked by Love

It was a small moment, and one I have thought about for several weeks.  As I was stopped at a traffic light heading home from work one afternoon, I noticed two young men pushing a wheelchair up a steep hill.  In the wheelchair was a third young man, whose arms rested unmoving on his lap.  They were all talking as they moved forward, but I could see the strain of their push up the incline. […]

Go Gracefully

I have a dear friend who has been a Servite sister for many decades.  Last week she mentioned in passing that in her community they have a tradition that she called “Go gracefully.”  It means that before someone goes on a trip she gets everything done ahead of time.  Laundry is done, suitcase packed, driving directions printed off or boarding pass ready.   “Go Gracefully” means that the night before the trip or the morning of […]

Farewell to an Old Friend

It is with the somber feel of Holy Week that I write that our old friend, Fr. Dennis, has died.  Last April I wrote about visiting him with my husband as he said Mass in his apartment.  His tears as he tried to get through the Mass with his increasingly debilitating disease was so sad. Fr. Dennis moved to assisted living shortly after we were there.  By Easter Week he was cruising around his new […]

Good Things Will Happen

Last weekend, my husband, Jim and I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  At the end, we opened our fortune cookies.  Mine was bland and offered lucky numbers.  But Jim’s fortune was specific and intriguing:  “Three months from this date, good things will happen.” We laughed and calculated the date in mid-May when good things will happen.  I went home and marked it on the calendar in the kitchen.  Good things will happen to us! […]


I was walking through the parking lot at work this week, getting to campus early to catch up on a few things.  I zipped in and parked at the far end of the lot to get a little exercise  on my way into the office.  While I made mental lists of things to do for the day, I strode purposefully across the lot for several minutes.  Then I passed a young woman, a student, who […]

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