Side Notes for Discernment

Kat Franchino thinks that part of discernment is God giving us hints along the way she calls “Side Notes from God.” But little side notes can be game changers. It was during my God-instructed Alaskan escapade that some of this pile of jumbled notes started to straighten itself out and make sense. Nonprofit work gave me a sense of purpose. It was something I enjoyed and put effort in to, while photography was more of […]

The Examen in Times of Crisis

Busted Halo reframes the Examen as Five Steps for Praying When You’re Overwhelmed. In their words, it’s “not intended as a substitute for seeking mental health support after a situation of loss or crisis, but instead is an opportunity to process the experience through the lens of faith.” For more on the Examen, view today’s 31 Days with St. Ignatius video: The Examen Is One of My Favorite Prayers.

An Examen for Busy People

Our friends at Busted Halo have published an attractive six-step Examen, the prayer method that everyone can use. We have much material on the Examen on this site. Go here to here started.

Releasing Our Captives

I like Phil Fox’s Rose’s column on practical spirituality on  Recently he wrote an article about the Examen in which he quoted this advice about self-scrutiny from a Jewish commentary called the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch: It is proper for a person who fears God to examine all his actions of the previous day before he goes to sleep. Should he discover that he committed a sin, he should express his regret, confess and wholeheartedly […]

What the Spiritual Exercises Do

The Exercises give us the confidence that grows from personal experience, says Jim Conroy, SJ, on Busted Halo.  “It gives to men and women who have that experience of God the ability to speak out of that truth of their experience. It’s not what Father said or what Sister said; it’s what I know from my own relationship with God. Now that’s all informed by our theology and by our faith, but to have legitimate […]