Walking the Labyrinth

Recently, I walked a labyrinth. There are many ways to walk a labyrinth. One can walk it in silent meditation, attentive to each step and breath. One can walk a labyrinth while praying a specific prayer or recalling one’s life journey. This time, as I entered the path, I felt called to pray God’s names on the way into the center, one name for each step. There are many Biblical names for God. For example, […]

Marriage Prep: Labyrinth Walking

Does anyone not know I’m getting married in four weeks? I’m getting married in four weeks and have been writing about it here. This isn’t my first or even my second marriage, but I know it will be my last one. This time God is at the center; something I knew early on in my relationship with Dan and is affirmed by the Holy Spirit every step of the way. Earlier this week some of […]