The Examen in Advent

The New England Jesuits have published an excellent podcast on using the Examen in Advent.  This is the second of four weekly Advent podcasts with an Ignatian flavor.  Go here for details.

Don’t forget the the daily Advent meditations that rotate through dotMagis and four other blogs sponsored by Loyola Press.  Today’s meditation is by Paul Campbell, SJ,  on his People for Others blog. The full schedule is here.

If this isn’t enough, you can find more Advent resources at Creighton online ministries.


  1. We have a prayer group called the Sojourners where we gather to learn to pray the St Ingnatius way of comtemplations and helping others to pray . Usually, it would be a week of guided prayer , with a day of teaching and following prayers session and sharing. It is useful.


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