The Ignatian Way #5: The Examen

The fifth presentation in The Ignatian Way series explains the daily Examen, which is at the core of Ignatian prayer. The series is based on materials written by Brian Grogan, SJ, of the Irish Jesuits.

When you are ready, start the presentation. If you wish to view it in full-screen mode, click the icon at bottom right.

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12 Comments on The Ignatian Way #5: The Examen

  1. Does anyone know of a form of the examen (anywhere on the internet) that can be listened to? I don’t have an mp3 or smart phone.


  2. hello, tried to do Day 2 and watch the examen PP but it kept getting stuck on my iPhone. Any suggestions? A book perhaps? Appreciate your help. Tanya

  3. GRACIAS SEÑOR POR ESTE REGALO. Gracias, porque a través de ustedes, he recibido Luz que ilumina mi mente y mi corazón.

  4. Listening to the video and reading the articles, especially “Rummaging for God” was really the first time I was able to clearly understand what the examen is and how to do it. Thank you for these insights! I see the light!

  5. I watched the video, I read the entire booklet link. It went on and on, this while I was still on my first cup of morning coffee. Probably the most informative, helpful clarification of what The Examen is and isn’t. Picked up a lot of insights, time well worth investing. Food for thought throughout the day. Thanks again.

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