Why We Pray

A thoughtful poem by Philip Chircop, SJ:

We pray today and every day

not to change the mind of God

but to change our mind

that we may wake up and choose

life over death

blessing over curse

We pray today and every day

not to change the mind of God

but that we may awake from our slumber and see,

bidding farewell to our dangerous myopic visions

dropping our blinders

Go here for the rest of the poem.


  1. Jim
    I begin each day with your “Ignatian Book of Days”
    I can’t tell you how much it mean to me.
    If my house was burning I think it’s the only thing I would take take on the way out.
    Bless you ! I would love to meet you this side of paradise!

  2. Far too often I have come to prayer in order to ask God for something, to give my opinion on a situation, to explain my actions, especially when life is chaotic and I feel adrift. Nothing like choosing the more difficult path to the solution when I could have taken the short cut, which is, as this poem states, to look for the will of God in everything, to listen for His voice, to open myself up to how I should change. Life can be so much easier when I let go and let God – I’m always amazed at how often I forget this and keep getting in my own way!

  3. Jim, thank you for sharing this deeply inspiring poem. I have been privileged to be present at several of Fr. Philip’s retreats here in the Toronto area and know that God has used the creative gifts of Fr. Philip to bring new life to many people.


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