Jesuit Organizations

The Society of Jesus serves through Jesuit organizations around the world. Jesuit organizations minister in fields including communication, education, Ignatian spirituality, and social apostolates.

A U.S. Jesuit organization is one that is listed as a Jesuit work in the Catalog of the Provinces of the Society of Jesus in the United States of America. See also Ignatian organizations.

Society of Jesus

Directory of Jesuit Province Websites

United States Provinces
Jesuit Provinces Around the World
Education and Publishing
Refugee Services
Media and Communications
Retreat Ministries

United States Provinces

U.S. Jesuits Online
Jesuits Central and Southern
Jesuits Midwest
Jesuits USA East Province
Jesuits West

Jesuit Provinces Around the World

Jesuits of English-Speaking Canada
European Jesuits
Australian Province of the Society of Jesus
British Province of the Society of Jesus
Irish Province of the Society of Jesus
Jesuits in Malta
Jesuits in Singapore
Jesuits in Southern Africa

Education and Publishing

Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities
Jesuit Secondary Education Association
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, CA
America Magazine
Loyola Press

Refugee Services

Jesuit Refugee Service
Jesuit Refugee Service/USA

Media and Communications

Jesuit Communications Centre (Irish)
Jesuit Communications Foundation (Philippine)
Thinking Faith Online Journal (British)
The Way—A Journal of Contemporary Spirituality (British)


The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer)
Pray-as-You-Go (British)
Sacred Space Daily Prayer Online (Irish)

Retreat Ministries

Retreat Centers in North America