Joy and Mission

Jesus is not a lone missionary; he does not want to fulfill his mission alone but involves his disciples. In addition to the twelve apostles he calls another seventy-two and sends them to the villages, two by two, to proclaim that the Kingdom of God is close at hand. This is very beautiful! Jesus does not want to act alone; he came to bring the love of God into the world, and he wants to […]

Discernment Is a Choice of Courage

In a recent address to seminarians, Pope Francis highlighted three aspects of Ignatian style: friendship with the Lord, discernment, and cultivating the magis, or “more,” for the Kingdom of God. In speaking of discernment, the Pope said: Discernment is a choice of courage, contrary to the more comfortable and reductive ways of rigorism and of laxness, as I have repeated many times. To educate to discernment means, in fact, to flee from the temptation to […]

Four Ways to Rest This Summer

Summer is here (or almost, depending on your counting). I confess to over-planning at the beginning of summer because the weather’s right and I feel energized by the extra daylight to get a lot done! But let’s consider another worthy goal for these months: rest. Here are four suggestions out of many possibilities. 1. Create a comfortable space, away from television, computer, and other distractions. The best anniversary gift my husband ever bought me was a […]

Summer R.E.S.T.

We count “sleeps” in our house to mark the time left until an anticipated event occurs. There are officially five “sleeps” left in the Eldredge house until summer vacation, and I am not sure who is more excited this year—the kids or me. While they await the days of swimming, friends, and hours of playtime, I am looking forward to a slower rhythm of life and a looser schedule. Instead of alarm clocks waking us […]

How Can You Have an Ignatian Summer?

Matt Emerson at The Ignatian Educator (America Magazine) suggests 10 tips for an Ignatian summer. The article is well worth reading in full, but today we expand on several of his points with links for further inspiration to pursue an Ignatian summer. Engage in spiritual direction. Emerson asks, “If we took an x-ray of our souls, what would we find?” A spiritual director can help us take that x-ray, and Becky Eldredge has some tips […]

Finding God When My Son Was Hurt

It’s a sound no parent wants to hear: the thunk of a five-year-old forehead hitting wood. My son was taking a running leap into the lower bunk, misjudged the amount of space, and made brief but powerful contact with the edge of the top bunk. There was a lot of screaming, a deep gash, gushing blood, and a sibling who was practically hysterical about what he thought was his brother’s imminent demise. My husband applied […]