Examen Prayer Card

As one of our anniversary gifts to you, here’s a prayer card with the steps of the Examen (PDF) as described by Jim Manney in A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer.

Examen Prayer Card - version from A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer by Jim Manney

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18 Comments on Examen Prayer Card

  1. this is wonderful. I attend a catechist retreat yesterday. The Speaker
    Margaret is such wonderful experience ignatian sprirtuality. Uplifting and fullfilling meditation by listening and contemplating. I will share the Examen to my friends.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful website! I have used the examen prayer for many years. I first heard of this when going to a cenacle retreat house and having a beautiful older sister as a spiritual.director. i recently purchased a book by fr. Timothy gallagher on contemplative prayer. I see him on ewtn when he does his teachings on the examen prayer. I find itvery enriching.

  3. I am a spiritual director and would like to purchase copies of this prayer card to give to my dire tees. How can I get these cards?

  4. I have the card on my laptop as background. I share the cards with the student leaders I serve in campus ministry.

    This past year, one of them asked for two replacements. Her roommate noticed hers and asked if she could have it. My young friend wanted an extra in case someone she knows wanted one.

  5. How can I get copies of these cards to hand out to the elderly in my ministry of service as a Permanent Deacon?

  6. A beautiful and helpful gift. Thank you! My brother, who was a Jesuit priest for 52 years did not share the details of the Examen with me. When I use it now I will feel closer to him.

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