An Ignatian Prayer Adventure 2013

An Ignatian Prayer AdventureLast year we launched An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, an eight-week online adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises. As we draw close to Lent 2013, I invite you to participate again or for the first time.

Guest bloggers Michelle Francl-Donnay and Greg Herrle will share their experiences with the retreat this year through posts here on dotMagis.

Michelle Francl-DonnayMichelle Francl-Donnay is the mother of two teenage boys, a professor of chemistry, and a regular contributor to Philadelphia Archdiocese’s, where she writes about the joys and struggles of trying to live a contemplative life in the midst of everyday chaos. Michelle blogs about life, laundry, prayer, and God at Quantum Theology.

Look for Michelle’s posts on Tuesdays.

Greg HerrleGreg Herrle we met here on this blog last summer, when he and his wife Ruth set out on the Camino Ignaciano and shared some of their story with us.

Greg’s posts will appear on Thursdays.

Here’s what one of last year’s participants, Patrick Nugent, said about the experience:

I had the most powerful, enjoyable, challenging, uplifting Lent of my life. I owe it to following your Lenten retreat, “An Ignatian Prayer Adventure.” I followed it more or less faithfully daily and to the letter. And as a consequence, I’ve had an equally joyful Easter.

The retreat begins on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, February 10, and concludes the week after Easter.

We’ll share additional Lenten ideas later this week.


  1. I am currently taking the 19th Annotation Part 2. We will do session B3 tomorrow. Is this something I would want to do while I am taking the 19th Annotation part 2?

  2. Last year I was in the middle of the 19th Annotation so I’m really looking forward to full participation this Lent. Thank you to Michelle and Greg for walking this journey with us and for all those at Loyola Press who make it possible. We are truly blessed.

    • Hi again Robin,
      It is. I did it last year but because I like things to move quickly I read more than lived the messages although I did take notes and relate the day’s lesson to my life. It just seemed to go on and on and I lost heart so this time I will just forgive myself for read-and-notate and do it that way without guilt.

      • Linda, one thing I found about making a long retreat like this one, was that I was heartened by knowing that others around me were praying along the same path — even when we were all in silence! Perhaps we can all encourage each other gently along the way.

      • I did it last year as well, but this year I am quite focused on one aspect of the Exercises as my Lenten prayer. So I am going to follow along and enjoy these posts as something a bit extra.


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