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    Mary Ann Gessner

    Mary Ann Gessner has been an art teacher and worked in nursing homes for 26 years in recreation, admissions, social services, and administration. Before retiring, she did international recruitment as Director of Admission for St. Johnsbury Academy, Vermont. Since then, Mary Ann has enjoyed nesting, quilting, cooking, and the gift of time. After completing the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises, she is now an interfaith chaplaincy intern. Her two sons have moved into their grown lives with their families. She and her husband live in Vermont in the log home they built 44 years ago.

    Come Here

    The Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises encourages us to ask for the grace to know Jesus, the man who drew people to himself then and now. His gentleness...

    The Great Commandment

    St. Ignatius begins the Spiritual Exercises with the essential principle that God’s love is unconditional. Adding two words, “for me,” made it intensely personal. I prayed for the grace...

    Autumn Panic

    I was a city kid until I moved to rural Vermont in 1979, where even now there are more trees than people. The northeast corner of Vermont is known...