Autumn Stirs Interior Reflection

autumn leavesAutumn brings with it changes in weather, sending many of us indoors more regularly. We experience bright, sunny days that are quickly followed by torrential rains, cooler temperatures, and even the first flakes of snow. As we move to the interiors of homes and workplaces for refuge from these weather events, it’s a good time to consider the interior of our hearts.

God is present with us at all times, of course, but autumn invites a new look inside to see where God stirs. As the leaves fall from the trees, I am prompted to watch their slow descent to the ground, knowing that at other times, a burst of strong wind can blow off half the leaves from a tree in an instant. How well do I watch the movements of my interior being, reflecting on what the slow breezes or strong gusts of wind signal?

Ignatian spirituality counsels that we pay close attention to the movement of spirits within us. Can we find the quiet time this season to make a new effort to attend to the movements within and discern where God calls us to go?


  1. I agree! This is a lovely and powerful post. Autumn blazes with God’s glory and we need to pay attention to the inner movements as we gaze in awe and gratitude to the Creator of the universe.
    Thank you, Denise.

    • Suzanne Marie, you’re welcome. I think your use of the word “blazes” is appropriate as we consider the deep oranges and reds of the season.

  2. For those of us living in California, the seasons are not so marked. But I do immediately notice the changes in darkness and the light as the days get shorter. We may never get snow where I live, but light and dark are good reminders of my interior movements as well.

  3. What a powerful post, Denise. So clear and simple. Nature mirrors the human person in many ways, but we can be slow to notice. Thanks for this.


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