Does Hooking Up Work?

Rick Malloy, SJ, VP at the University of Scranton, prods students to ask some questions: Will a man or woman who had multiple sexual partners make a good husband or wife? Is hooking up good training for life? There’s an old saying in Jesuit circles: We form our habits and our habits form us. Those whose sexual practices militate against fidelity, monogamy and meaning during their late teen and young adult years will not easily […]

A Jesuit Experience

When he was 18, the young Mike Hayes told his pastor that he was going to Fordham for college.  The pastor was horrified and tried to talk him into going to St. John’s “or another non-Jesuit school.”  Mike forged ahead anyway, and he explains why he’s glad he did in “What the Jesuits Have Meant to Me.”

From Church to God

It takes a great deal of slow, careful, thoughtful work to learn a language.  First there must be the example of someone fluent in that language who acts as a model.  Next, there must be careful listening, repeating of sounds that are foreign; memorizing words and their unfamiliar nuances.  Over time one builds small sentences to convey basic meanings.  Months, even years later, one grows in the ability to write and speak sentences to convey […]

Jesuit Basketball

Jesuit colleges played five basketball games against each other this past weekend — four men’s games and one women’s.   The marquee game was Georgetown vs. Marquette, with the Hoyas winning 69-60. Jesuit schools play each other nearly 100 times this season.  The Jesuit Basketball Spotlight program draws attention to these games as a way of promoting awareness of the Jesuit mission in higher education.  Here is a schedule of the games.  Here is an interview […]

Aim Higher

If you don’t know Viktor Frankl’s work, read his book Man’s Search for Meaning–one of the most important books of the 20th century.  Below is a short video of a presentation he gave at a 1972 conference in Toronto, in which he offers a basic thesis about psychotherapy that applies more broadly to life: we must think of people as greater than they may actually be. A parent does that for children.  And God does […]

Ignatian Ministry Update

Here are some links of interest for supporters of Ignatian ministries. The Jesuit Volunteer Corps has opened applications for the 2011-2012 volunteer term. Loyola Press has started a series of articles to help Catholics understand the upcoming changes in the Roman missal. Fordham has launched a web-based video series called Jesuits in Conversation. Mark your calendars for the Ignatian spirituality conference in St. Louis, July 21-24.

Ignatian Education

Yesterday was the first day of classes at Boston College.  I love this time of year, and I love teaching at a Jesuit school (no matter what the ranking, which as we all should know should matter very little as long as we are working toward God’s greater glory).  I was reminded of this love when, in my freshman seminar in the Western Cultural Tradition (the first in a sequence in BC’s Honors Program), I […]

Jesuits in Detroit

Time magazine profiles University of Detroit Jesuit High School, the only Catholic college-prep school left in the city.  Last year, 99 percent of its graduates were accepted into college.  Most students volunteer some of their time in community projects. Students are told hundreds of times during their education at U of D that they are training to become community leaders, what the Jesuits call “men for others.” The phrase comes up in nearly every conversation […]

Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy

The Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy, an ambitious venture in online education, recently celebrated its first year of operation. The JVLA provides online for-credit courses, workshops, lectures and other learning opportunities for students at Jesuit high schools. It also offers faculty at those schools online professional development and collaboration opportunities. Courses are those not usually offered as part of a traditional high school curriculum – such as a Chinese language course and certain advanced placement (AP) […]

Back to School at Cristo Rey

This week classes start at 22 US high schools that are part of the Cristo Rey network, an innovative and highly successful model for urban education.  Cristo Rey schools serve the urban poor.  99 percent of their graduates go to college.  The schools are partly financed through their students’ paid internships at local businesses.  Many of them are Jesuit high schools, and the original Cristo Rey school was developed under Jesuit sponsorship and direction in […]

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