Jesuit Basketball

Jesuit colleges played five basketball games against each other this past weekend — four men’s games and one women’s.   The marquee game was Georgetown vs. Marquette, with the Hoyas winning 69-60.

Jesuit schools play each other nearly 100 times this season.  The Jesuit Basketball Spotlight program draws attention to these games as a way of promoting awareness of the Jesuit mission in higher education.  Here is a schedule of the games.  Here is an interview with William Kelly, SJ, chaplain of the Marquette men’s team.

Image by markartsf under Creative Commons license


  1. I wish the Jesuit NCAA Division 1 schools woudl get together and have a holiday bball tournament with proceeds going to a mutually agreeable charity (academic grants, Christo Rey schools, for the care of retired religious clergy, etc). The tournament could move around the country each year. Teams would be guaranteed at least two games with a consolation bracket. It would be awesome, both Men’s and Women’s tournaments. – Go Xavier…


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