Will This Be a Jesuit Year in College Basketball?

basketballWe have a Jesuit pope. Is this the year for a Jesuit NCAA basketball champion? It hasn’t happened since 1977, when Al McGuire’s Marquette team took the title. But this year’s tournament has the strongest lineup of Jesuit schools in years. It includes a #1 seed (Gonzaga), a #2 (Georgetown), and a #3 (Marquette). The other Jesuit teams are St. Louis (4 seed) and Creighton (7).

I think I’ll fill out a bracket with a Final Four of St. Louis, Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Marquette. Marquette beats St. Louis in double overtime to win the championship. I know–it’s very unlikely, but a Jesuit pope was unlikely too.

The tournament starts today.


    • The Billikins, Zags, and Marquette won yesterday. (Marquette at the last second.) Creighton and Georgetown are up today. Go Jesuits!

  1. Forget basketball. Pay attention to hockey, where my Boston College Eagles have won three national championships in five years! Who can top that in any sport? Go Jerry York!

  2. Actually, Georgetown won the NCAA tournament more recently than that – 1984! It’s no secret who I’ll be cheering for, but I’ll be happy for the success of any Jesuit team!

  3. Pardon me, but didn’t the Hoyas win it all in 1984? Also, let’s not forget the 2012 national champions in Men’s Lacrosse, Loyola Baltimore.


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