Compass Points Winners

Last week, as part of our celebration of St. Ignatius’s Feast day,  we invited readers of dotMagis to enter a raffle to receive a free copy of Compass Points, a new book by Margaret Silf.    Entrants simply left a comment on the contest blog post.  Here are the winners, chosen at random.  The link leads to their comment: Clementplace, Joao Flavio, Patti Clement, Ana, and Therese.

Here’s a comment I liked very much by someone who didn’t win a book.  His name is Guy-Maurille Massamba, and he explains why we honor St. Ignatius:

St. Ignatius teaches me everyday that the purpose of my life is to praise and glorify God. I try as best as I can to rid myself of intentions and objectives that contradict the purpose for which I am created. It is not easy, but with the daily examen I remind myself of this important perspective. O St. Ignatius, help me stay focused on God.



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